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dm Aj Vastushastra – Vastushastra – Antardirshti


January 23, 2017

Saturn transit to Sagittarius :-

Saturn is the indicator of Karma and it is moving into the sign of Sagittarius. Sagittarius is the 9th sign in the natural zodiac wheel. Sagittarius represents spirituality, adventure, father, preceptor, spiritual learning, spiritual inclinations, charity, luck, meditation, foreign travel, higher education, faith, philosophy, and law. The results of this transit will be an add up on the characteristics of the Sign of Sagittarius and the house which Saturn is transiting too.

Traditionally transits are calculated through Moon sign, but as astrology is getting a lot of updated, so you can check it through Ascendant as well.

Below given is a very basic information about Saturn’s transit through the houses of your Natal Moon.


For Aries Moon, this transit is going to trigger your 9th house of spirituality, adventure, father, preceptor, spiritual learning, spiritual inclinations, charity, luck, meditation, foreign travel, higher education, faith, philosophy, and law. Saturn is asking you to follow a strict path of spirituality.Saturn is a strict planet and its transit may bring opportunities which tests your spirituality. All the matters of the 9th house will be under transformation in the coming days.

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For Taurus, this transit is going to trigger the finance sector mainly.This planet is going to activate the 8th house of research, mystical sciences, occult, transformations, inheritance, insurances, and finances. During this transit, you should not invest in any wrong money deals or spend unwisely. This is a good time to learn a lot from your partners.


For Gemini’s Saturn will move through the 7th house of spouse, business partners, fertility, passion, foreign travels, career, professional relationships, agreements and contracts. You must be very careful with partners in life as well as business. You will find some delay or issues in foreign travel or life in foreign lands. Please don’t do any unlawful deeds. Career also will need a lot of focus.


Saturn will be moving through the 6th house of disputes, diseases, debts, enemies, opponents, competitors, colleagues, workspace, health, and emotional struggles. Saturn transit through the 6th house is good in a general perspective, but it always depends upon the placement of Saturn in the birth chart.


For Leos, Saturn will be moving through the 5th house of romance, entertainment, fun, children, youth groups, creativity, self-promotion and speculative businesses. This transit will make you go an extra mile in interacting with children and youth groups. New investments should be done carefully. You will have a new perspective in all the matters related to the 5th house


During this transit, you will be busy in managing family matters. Saturn is moving through the 4th house of home, family, ancestors, parents and ancestral property. You will be taking up a lot of responsibilities at home. Real estate deals are also seen. Please be careful with real estate deals. Elderly females in the family will also need more help.You should be little slow while dealing with family matters.


Saturn will trigger the 3rd house of short trips, short courses, training, siblings, media, technology, electronics, and writing. This house represents own efforts, so you will think about starting own ventures. You will have to go an extra mile in making your efforts fruitful. Matters related to the 3rd house will be highly transforming. Relationship with siblings and other relatives will be very important.


Saturn will move through the 2nd house of money, self-worth, family, speech and material assets. Throughout the transit, you will have a lot of focus in financial matters. You should be very careful with your finances. Career sector also will have some changes.


Your personal life will have a lot of transformation. This transit will make you a mature person and this will be a learning phase for you. Career related changes are seen. Your health and vitality also will need a lot of focus. Your personal and professional relationship will be very important. Please don’t be aggressive with your team mates and colleagues


Your emotional status, health and workplace is totally under transformation during this transit. You must be very careful with your work place, colleagues, finance, physical and emotional strength. You should not do anything which interrupts your peace and health.


Your 11th house of friendships, collective projects, long-term associations, children, youth groups, hopes, wishes, and gains will be transforming. There will be visible changes in the existing friendships. You may try to join new groups too. At the same time, you have to be careful with your team mates. You will have to work hard in the long-term projects.


Your 10th house of career, social status, bosses, authority, and ambitions will be in a full swing during this Saturn transit. You will get additional responsibilities at work. You will have to be very cautious about your behavior at work. Saturn is the indicator of Karma and when righteous moves are done then the results will be great.

Vastu for Everyone

January 22, 2017