Numerology-Magic Of Astro-Numero

January 25, 2017

During my 10 years of practice in vastu, astrology & numerology. There are various aspects of planets, signs, directions, elements which connect to vastu and numerology. Astro-numero is also among them. Its combination of astro+numerology. The results which turn out are magical. I hope most of you all must be aware of these names and their procedures. If not then don’t worry in my further blogs many topics are going to be covered so that you all can understand the connection between Astro & Numero and also Astro & Vastu. Astrology is our whole universe and planets are connected to it so everything is related to astrology. Vastu is space which we use or surrounding energy around us is linked to vastu. so astro +vastu combination.

Here i want to discuss about my recent topic on politics. topic is related to Elections which were held recently all over India. This is my observational case study which i like to write up in my blogs so I am here mentioning it.
Before election I shared this to my close friends. I said them that BJP will win 300+ and NDA will win 350+ . This is my observation case study.
Narendra modi
Dob. 17/09/1950
I – 8
S – 5
T -5
Modi -7
Namo -8
BJP – 11(2)
Politics -11(2)
NDA -1
Election dates. 11, 18, 23,. 29 april and 6, 12, 19 may
MDL of modi ji. Moon result SA so no 2 and 8
ADL of modi ji KE result Su so no 7 and 1
Friends of 8 is 2,4,6
Friends of 5 is 1,4
Friends of 2 is 3,9
Friends of 7 is 9
BJP total win 303= 6
NDA total win 353=2
Most of the numbers in favour of modi ji like BJP and politics and total wining seats.
This is astro – numerology