Vastu Shastra is an Ancient Architecture science which facilitates your home with scientific approach as well as convenience. In vastu shastra the details of how to be constructed from the foundation of the building to its lapis are described. The analysis of land from the type of land to the climate of the area has been analyzed. According to vastu shastra making habitation in house and getting rid of any problems and it brings relief in life.

This science meets both the requirements of the creator and the needs of the stay. It is science of energy of area used by the creator for its use. Vastu is also involved in our business activities also whether it is factory or office or any commercial premises. Vastu affects our day to day life in all means.

Vastu Shastra is a traditional Indian science of architecture which guides the construction and design of buildings with the natural and simple laws of the universe. Vastu’s origin can be traced back to 7000 years. This edifice science offers detailed information about what to keep in mind when selecting a piece of land, and constructing buildings.

The Sanskrit word vastu here means a ‘house foundation’ or a ‘site’ and shastra translates to ‘teaching’ or ‘science’. Hence together they mean ‘science of construction’.

Why you need to Consult:

  1. Having constantly business loss or failure
  2. Increase in debts
  3. No Financial stability
  4. Relationship problems
  5. Health related problems/child related problems(infertility)
  6. Worries about child education
  7. Child not good in studies
  8. Feeling depressed/loss of mental peace.
  9. Not able to get fame for what you do /not able to get recognition for your work.
  10. Not able to save
  11. Not having good social connection.

Whenever we talk about Vastu first thing or a thought comes in mind is about demolition or to reconstruct some part of it by demolition.  No it’s not like this today many ways and methods are there to correct the things in many ways without demolition.