January 23, 2017


Vastu shastra a journey of life. My site’s header image shows it. Now you must be wondering how? How is vastu a journey of life .

See I will let you know the details of everything here on my blogs. Firstly I will talk about the topic and than slowly move to others.

Vastu means space in hindi we say “vaas karne yogye”(वास करने योग्य) means the space we use for any thing either for living or for working anything . Space is everywhere. Even those small vendors or vegetable vendors selling on Street or moving they also use the space. So vastu is all about space and energy around us. Now  how is it a journey of life. Let me explain you there are 5 elements around us and whole world is made of these 5 elements. In vastu also these 5 elements are most important if we are having a balanced 5 elements than there are no problems of vastu which is space. Journey in the sense means we are born within these elements and after our death also we die within these 5 elements. So it’s a continuous journey of these elements and space . Same as vastu we live in space and use those elements and according to our nature of body we face things as it comes. Here nature of our body I mean and refer to Ayurveda there are 3 basic components -vaat, pita,kafa(वात, पित्त, कफ)These are prakriti of our body . These are also related to vastu. So vastu is everywhere. It’s not only what you have read until now in few books like doing pooja and hommes(हवन). Making some of the places higher and some lower. This is not the vastu and not perfect vastu.

I will be discussing all aspects and parameters of vastu here in my blogs. So that you can understand the real and actual vastu . It’s not that what is said. Through our books are from all ancient times and according to that what vastu is described is not described according to what those rishi’s wanted to tell . Today all knowledge of vastu is distorted. That’s why people are facing more vastu problems. Without having proper knowledge and awareness everyone is doing vastu.

Mostly now a days people say we will do our vastu we don’t need any vastu consultant . Ok no problem I am not saying you need vastu consultant but atleast you should have proper knowledge of vastu and accurate degrees for working in vastu . Because these are important part of vastu . If you have a proper knowledge than surely you can have a best vastu of your space. Otherwise what happens is people mostly read in 2- 3 books of vastu and without having judgment they apply those vastu formula and than after completion when they start using the space problems are also invited.

There are lot of problems I will we discussing in my vastu blogs.

Firstly problem arise from finances. You start facing financial problems, slowly slowly you are under huge debts. Than comes health problems slowly and gradually you loose your health and wealth and most of the time your circulation goes to hospitals and doctors. If by chance you got any big issue in health and you have to go under major or minior surgery  than you have to immediately arrange some large amount of money for that process. And further more problems arises.

Now can you all analzise the situation by not doing proper vastu you all face such situations or not consulting any expert vastu consultant you are inviting the problems yourself. So it’s always better to have proper knowledge or consult.

Vastu is related to our body also and body parts . Even in our space these body part relates . If you do nailing than we should know the marmsthan(मर्मस्थान) of our space as it will affect our body directly. If we do nailing in North region we should be super cautious as this part relates to brain and head . So if we do nailing or other negative activity then there are  more chances of any brain problem or continuous headaches or other things.

Vastu for Everyone

January 22, 2017